About HCM

Hull Capital Management (HCM) is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA).

Lee Hull has fifteen years of experiences in investment management. In 1999, Mr. Hull started his company to address the real investment goals of retirement plan owners. Our real investment goal is to grow our net worth and retirement accounts regardless of the performance of the stock or bond market.

Investment returns for retirement and pension plans managed by Hull Capital Management averaged double digit growth during the worst 12-year period for traditional investments since the great depression. Managed accounts were also was profitable in 2008 when the US stock market fell 37%. Hull Capital Management is one of the only firms in the country to offer a “No profits, No pay” fee schedule option for investors. Hull Capital Management has offered this innovative program since inception (1999).

Lee Hull grew up in a family business, and understands the extra responsibility today’s small business owners, self employed and professional practice owner’s face. This group has no corporate or government pension to fall back on. Today’s investor’s and retirement plan owners must be self-reliant and learn to be excellent managers of their retirement plans. Lee understands that few if any investors can afford to go five, ten or more years without growing their retirement plan balances.

Lee’s articles on investing topics have been published in a variety including American Way, Reuters, and over two dozen professional journals and magazines. Before launching Hull Capital Management in 1999, Lee served in the U.S.Navy and worked at some of the largest financial firms in the country. He completed the Certified Financial Planner program at the University of North Texas. Lee is married with three children and resides in Texas.

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